GTA IV Wallpaper Pack

GTA IV Wallpaper Pack

A pack of six great official GTA IV wallpapers for your PC


  • Varied wallpapers
  • Good resolution


  • The game isn't out yet!


When there are only a few hours left for the release of Grand Theft Auto IV the hype can't get any further. Now it's time for you to get in the mood, and the quickest way to do it is by customizing your PC with this GTA IV Wallpaper Pack.

The GTA IV Wallpaper Pack includes a selection of six GTA IV wallpapers chosen by the Softonic team among all the desktop wallpapers available on the game's official website.
They include pictures of the game's main characters and locations, and also the game's cover and the GTA IV logo.
All six wallpapers in GTA IV Wallpaper Pack are scaled to a 1600x1200 resolution so you won't have problems in making them fit your monitor.
Download the GTA IV Wallpaper Pack, choose the one you like most and let everybody know you're a GTA IV fan, while counting down the hours to the game's release.

Prepare for Grand Theft Auto IV release worlwide by dressing up your computer with the game's official desktop wallpapers. These gorgeous images from GTA IV enable you to show off your admiration for this game.

GTA IV Wallpaper Pack


GTA IV Wallpaper Pack

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